Makalu is a small digital agency that consistently delivers big results.

We created a game-based marketing campaign for Google & Virgin America that executives from the advertising agency Ogilvy called, “the future of marketing.”

We created a web-based service for Catalog Choice that signed up over a million members in less than a year.

We created an iPhone app—Rego—that Apple liked so much they featured it on the App Store home screen in 127 countries. (That’s hitting the jackpot.)

By redesigning their landing pages, we increased the customer conversion rate of million-dollar-home meta-broker Highend Agents from 2% to 8%.

We created an iPhone app—RaceSplitter—that’s been used to time nearly a million sport participants in events in over 80 countries.

We designed the user interface that helped Jawaker become the middle east’s largest card-based gaming platform.

We built the digital products that helped Germany’s Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur to become the world’s third largest entertainment agency.

We’re a friendly team of three individuals who, for more than a decade, have been applying its cross-discipline capabilities to solve problems and deliver outsized results to customers around the world.

“When we talk about Makalu here at Google, we always say that it’s more like working with other Googlers (an internal team) than an external vendor.”

That's a quote from Andrew Chang, a former product marketing manager at Google, and it's something our customers often tell us.

Whether we’re hired to consult on strategy, to provide targeted design or to take a product all the way through development, our customers benefit from the full attention of our A-Team—because at Makalu, that’s the only team.

If you’ve got a project and need some assistance, we’d love to help! We’re just a click away. :-)

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