One of our favorite customers is Peggy Martinez, with whom we’ve now been working for a number of years. Peggy is amazingly creative and resourceful, and has single-handedly built a small mail-order empire around subscription boxes.

A few months ago, Peggy came to us with the idea of building a service that delivers a curated package of three hand-picked ebooks each month, tailored to the preferences of the subscriber. To feed the service with a continual stream of high-quality content, the platform allows independent publishers to upload new releases for consideration in the curation process.

In a bespoke management interface, Peggy and her team review the submissions each month, selecting only the best for inclusion in the following month’s inbox delivery.

After a pre-launch sign-up form, a Kick Starter funding campaign, and a few months of design and development effort—the eBook inBox digitally-curated reading service officially came to life!

From a design point of view, we went for clean, clear and useful. Here are some highlights.

The home page delivers a warm and friendly feel, tight copy, and an evergreen call to action.

The sign-up page is simple. Enter your name, email address, password and credit card data, and with a single click you’re on board!

Just after a successful signup, you’re given the opportunity to “tune your inbox”, and that’s it. You’re good to go, and will start receiving an amazing package of ebooks each month!

And considering the typical use cases, we also designed in some nice features, like the ability to have your ebooks automatically delivered each month to your Kindle, if that’s how you’ll be reading:

For the techies, the site—including the public website, the customer account management area, the publisher’s management area, and the administration system for Peggy’s team—were all built with Ruby on Rails, is hosted at Heroku, and integrates with Stripe for payment processing.

This has been such a fun project for us, and given Peggy’s eye for a good idea, it’s no surprise we saw the first signups flowing in within minutes of launch!

We’ll be publishing more about the experience in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow us on Twitter to be notified when those posts appear.