What we’ve done

We’ve spent the past 18 years making customers happy.

Letters 2 President 2.0

We designed, developed and operated Letters 2 President 2.0, for the National Writing Project. The platform—built with Phoenix and Elixir—allowed over 12,000 American students from nearly 400 schools to publish letters to the candidates of the 2016 US presidential election.

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Mimosa Networks

We provided visual design, interaction design and development services to the Mimosa team that delivers an interactive online tool that allows wireless ISPs to visually design complex networks in which to deploy Mimosa devices.

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We built and operate the IT system that runs MyMalls, a package forwarding service that allows Caribbean residents to shop in the United States. In addition to the public-facing web site, the system includes backend management interfaces for both customers and the company’s warehouse personnel, and includes API integrations with 18 external services, such as DHL.


Using React and Meteor, we built a cloud-based personal chess database called ChessDrop to record, analyze, and annotate your games. If you’re into design, we think you'll enjoy reading this deep dive into some of the fresh ways we solved some old problems.

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Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur

For nearly two decades, we were the design and tech team for the Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur, as they grew from startup to become the world’s fifth largest promoter, and ultimately being acquired by the world’s largest, Live Nation.

Rock am Ring Website

We built an innovative web app for Marek Lieberberg that, from a single Rails code base, drives three separate festival websites and apps, services tens of millions of requests, and keeps Germany’s summer music festival fans rocking.


Music Festival Apps

Today’s festival goers expect a great companion app, and that’s exactly what we created for Marek Lieberberg. To provide a consistent cross-platform user experience, we made extensive use of webviews in the iOS and Android mobile festival apps, while reserving the use of native technology for key areas like venue mapping.


Makalu’s place bookmarking iOS app took the world by storm when it launched in 2014. It was picked as one of the top apps by Apple and was featured on the App Store home page. That’s like winning the lottery!


Day in the Cloud

One of our proudest moments was hearing Ogilvy executives refer to the game we created for the Google & Virgin America “Day in the Cloud” campaign as, “an example of the future of marketing.” Back when Flash was the only game in town, we built our game in HTML, CSS and JavaScript—making it playable in the bandwidth-contrained environment of airplane wifi at 30,000 feet.

Catalog Choice

Engaged by a group of environmentalists from New York and California in 2007, we were hired to design, build and operate the original Catalog Choice site—a Rails app that we scaled to support over one million members in its first year, and was covered by all major US media outlets. It was our first big hit!

MailStop iOS App

Having transitioned the Catalog Choice project to the non-profit formed to manage the successful product, Makalu was later re-engaged to design and develop the service’s companion iOS app, allowing its 1.5 million members to instantly opt out of junk mail using their iPhones.

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Makalu’s RaceSplitter system for timing sports events—combining an iOS app and companion web service—has been used to time nearly 1.25 million event participants in nearly 100 countries around the world.


RaceSplitter v2

A current activity at Makalu is the development of the second generation of our RaceSplitter product, extending its scope from timing to event organization and management. Due for launch in 2016, we believe it’ll change the face of small event organization!

Highend Agents

The majority of high-end real estate deals are facilitated by the top 5% of agents. Highend Agents brings this select group together to offer unprecedented value to property buyers and sellers. Through an iterative design process, Makalu doubled the conversion rate on Highend Agents’s landing pages, resulting in millions of dollars of increased revenue.


AgentMachine, the company behind Highend Agents, were so happy with our work, that they engaged us to design the entire CMS that facilitates the referral management processes across their nationwide network of top real estate agents.



Zumbox engaged us in the redesign of their Digital Postal Mail product, providing American consumers with a digital, online and secure replacement for the age-old mailbox.


Letters 2 President

We were engaged by Google and The National Writing Project to design both a public website and a private Google Docs-interfacing CMS, that allowed teachers from American high schools to publish student letters to the candidates in the 2008 presidential elections.

Money for Something

Dipping our toes into self-publication, our co-founder, Matt, wrote an introduction to investing—called, “Money for Something”—that can be read in an hour, and was praised by people like Derek Sivers and David Heinemeier Hansson. To facilitate direct sales, we built a small Rails app that integrates with Gumroad.


Reinventing the investment calculator

In support of Matt’s investment book, we designed a new take on the interactive investment calculator, that received quite some attention.

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Multi-Festival CMS

To manage the ever-changing content and structure of a network of festival websites and mobile apps, across pre-festival, live and post-festival states, we created a unified and easy-to-use CMS for the Marek Lieberberg team.


Working with an amazing team in Jordan, we designed and built the interactive game component that helped propel Jawaker to become the largest online card gaming site in the middle east.

The Henderson Brothers

Our website design for this north-Atlanta builder of luxury lake homes helped to convey the quality of product to be expected by the firms customers.